Asset Management System

For those online services that work with client assets, we provide a developed asset management system that gives financial platforms the ability to implement a series of functions for user convenience and usefulness. 

Having previously worked with different financial platforms, online banking systems, insurance companies and SaaSes, we have elaborated a system that allows conducting all operations with user credit assets super fast and easy. User can:

  • transfer assets within the platform, 
  • take or repay the loan, 
  • manage interest, 
  • repay it using his/her deposit, etc. in just a minute. 

Moreover, we provide some of our clients with specific additional features that provide their clients with additional options. For example, margin call is a perfect match for various banking systems. Margin call is a requirement to add additional funds at the moment when the sum of expenses is near to the sum of a given asset. This complicated procedure requires operative stats checking and analysis, rapidly automated notifying and asset management. 

Effectively combining full-fledged control and management of user credit assets, we help our clients provide their users with fast and relevant assistance connected with their assets. If you want to know more about this system, contact us via Email or Telegram