Cryptocurrency Screening Tool

All crypto platforms that work with user assets have to constantly provide their community with the relevant information considering cryptocurrencies, their price and tendencies within the

Distributed Custodial Services

For safe and secure custodial management, we have specifically created distributed custodial service that makes all operations super fast and at the same time 100% secure.

Robosoft Presents Multichannel Notification Service

For all companies dealing with constant updates of client accounts, Robosoft has developed an effective multichannel notification service. With this notification system, your clients will get all relevant information super fast via the most popular channels.

A solution for platforms that store many currencies or Boiler Wallets

Our extensive research in the crypto market has allowed us to create the “Boiler Wallets” system, creating a method to ensure the safety of any platform from hacker attacks which aim to transfer large amounts of funds out from platform deposit or trading accounts maliciously.