Crypto-Backed Loan Platform Developed by Robosoft Industries


Like any other market, the world crypto market has always had its ups and downs, which can be defined as two main tendencies: “crypto winter” and “crypto summer”. And while past times were full of tendering members that impacted growth and decreases of cryptocurrency price, nowadays these tendencies form public desire to sell and purchase. And as the majority of crypto enthusiasts are holders of cryptocurrency assets, they deprive themselves of the opportunity to operate the accessible assets. Robosoft has created an online credit platform that allows users to use their assets without saying goodbye to their actives.

How it works: User puts his/ her savings as credit collateral (for example Ethereum) and receives stablecoin (for example USDT) as credit currency. That is how a user can purchase more cryptocurrency (for example Bitcoin) or use this credit to fulfill his.her everyday needs. In case the client doesn’t need credit anymore, he/she can repay the loan by paying back stablecoin and credit interest or to repay the credit using his bail money. Thus, the user can define the credit terms, which makes this service as useful as possible.

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