Crypto based payments on your platform and payments accounting

If you are the owner of an online store, platform or just a member of some e-commerce project, you for sure seek ways of expanding your business and reaching a new audience. The best thing about e-commerce platforms is that they allow any user to start his/her own business online, even if they don’t have their own website or even an offline store. But even though the coverage of such online projects is pretty broad, they still use outdated technologies and business approaches, ignoring the new rapidly growing audience. To solve this issue, Robosoft has presented a new online portal that can unify all benefits of such projects as Shopify and the innovative blockchain technology.

The key advantage if our solution is the high speed of data processing and even more — the ability to integrate cryptocurrencies as a payment method. You can use crypto assets as either the customer for your business development purposes or as a client to purchase goods. Thus, the e-commerce sphere now reaches an absolutely new level, effectively combining standard online sale solutions with blockchain technology. Want to know more about our solution? We are ready to answer all of your questions via Email or Telegram.