Distributed Custodial Services

Understanding the necessity to protect all information related to user digital assets, we developed a secured depository service based on blockchain technology. Every transfer, withdraw, replenishment, etc. becomes a part of complex shared custodial system that makes it impossible to identify concrete data connected with the operation for the intermediary or any third party.

This system has been created for additional protection of user actions and their private asset information from unauthorized monitoring. As a result, all transactions are made 100% private, making it impossible to track user balance, his actions or any data during the operation or afterwards.

Implementing a complex system of shared custodial, every financial service protects information about all incoming and outgoing finances, protecting itself from any transactions or wallets monitoring. This feature is beneficiary for online banking systems, IT startups, travel agencies, airline ticket sellers, insurance companies, etc. If you want to know more about our distributed custodial service, contact us via Email or Telegram.