ERC-20 Token for Your Company From Robosoft Blockchain Experts

Robosoft assists many companies within various issues connected with blockchain technology, in particular, with the Ethereum network. We participated in numerous ICOs, and have consulted many startups.

So what is ERC-20 token? Prior to the emergence of ERC-20 standard, there were plenty of issues connected with the compatibility of different tokens based on Ethereum. Each token had its own type of smart contracts. In other words, to conduct operations using a new token on the market, the one had to create an individual code. Technical support of constantly growing tokens amount was extremely time-consuming and became problematic. As a result, we have elaborated a unified protocol for all crypto tokens, knows as ERC-20. Robosoft has immediately assessed the importance of such protocol, as using this solution it became possible to make an online product in a minimal period of time.

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