New ID Authorization Solution with Blockchain Based System

Robosoft is pleased to share our newest achievement: we have successfully implemented blockchain technology in authorization systems. What does it mean? Whereas previously user registering on the platform had to use his/her email as his authorization ID, now it can be replaced with his Ethereum network address. This seriously complicates the possibility of data loss, which is more that can be said for emails. But we understand that email is something users are really used to, and that is why we additionally upgraded our service with email and address synchronization.

The key advantage of this system is anonymity, since registering using our method, user’s personal data don’t get into collective databases, where his/her email can be found and used for fishing newsletters. Now we are working to implement an authorization token. When logging in to his/her account, each user will receive a token on the Ethereum network and if the system sees that user has this token, it automatically allows him/her to enter the account. When the user logs out of the account, he/she has to sent token to the sender’s address.

If you want to know more about our solution, contact us via Email or Telegram.