OTC service development

We at Robosoft try to keep up to date, taking into account all the market tendencies and elaborating effective solutions to the most popular issues within the crypto market. It is impossible to deny the significant role of blockchain both in terms of data storage and supply and demand point of view. And although there already are plenty of resources (particularly crypto markets) that allow a user to exchange their cryptocurrency to fiat money and vice versa, we decided to seek the alternative solution for the issue.

Nowadays, such projects function according to the crypto market principles. They provide a user with an account, connected to the virtual wallet, where you can send your assets (usually, such systems work exclusively with Bitcoin) and virtual fiat account. We decided to replace the stage of money transfer with a simple conversion procedure. You no longer need to send your Bitcoin assets to some questionable accounts. Now, you can convert your assets into any other currency at any time. This is a great advantage for all users of the financial platform, regardless of its overall functioning system aims or customer location.

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