Robosoft Presents Multichannel Notification Service

When it comes to online client service, it is essential to think about the relevance and speed of shared information. One of the key tasks is to develop a stable connection with your community through various channels, making it valuable by adding maximum usefulness to all the messages you transmit. Here, great importance needs to be given to any automatic notification system that serves this specific purpose.

First, let’s talk about what notification systems are. These are platforms or services, combining hardware and software, used to send notifications to a group of users. Mass notification systems are made to provide notifications to large user networks and they play a key role in the overall functioning of any online communications service.

Notification System Development

Working on various online platforms and services within the financial sector, we at Robosoft Industries have developed an optimal solution using automatic notifications sent through protected channels via Email, Telegram and Websocket.

We recommend our clients to work though these notification channels because this is a perfect combination of client usefulness and platform security and speedy work with notifications. It is possible to choose one of the proposed channels, or send messages through all three of them, depending on client preferences. As soon as any profile change occurs, or the system fixes any asset movements, notifications are automatically sent to the profile owner. Thus, the one will always be aware of any profile changes and can quickly contact support team in case of any accidental shifts or actions that were not approved.

This option is a perfect match not only for crypto based services, but as well of any online banking system, IT companies, online media resources, pharmacies, online stores,

In general, we try to create notification systems that are as simple and safe as possible. This allows our clients to send speedy messages that contain relevant and valuable information. The quality and speed is two main criteria we try to follow when talking about client support, developed through multiple projects we worked with.

For more information about our notification service and other features — contact us via Email or Telegram.